which class is better to take for a pre health student: integrated anatomy and physiology or human anatomy?

here’s the deal:

integrated anatomy and physiology does not involve a cadaver and goes in-depth with the human bodily functions. whereas human anatomy does involve a cadaver and experimenting with it (you would have to pay for a materials fee though). I don’t have a fear of dealing with cadavers nor with the fees for it.


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  • is prehealth the same as premed? do you want to go to medical school?

    im not familiar with the term prehealth that is why i ask

    i would take both if i could, both will be pertinent

    if i had to choose one though, i would take integrate anat/phys, you will dissect a cadaver in anatomy lab in medical school and not have to pay any fees

    hope that helps

  • chix96

    I am a biologist, so I took comparative anatomy, which allowed us to dissect several different animals (cat, shark, fetal pig), but learning from a human cadaver is a pretty amazing opportunity for an undergraduate student! Is integrated anatomy a comparative course, as I described, or a human course minus the cadaver? If it’s comparative, you might not be satisfied with it unless you have biological leanings and you want to understand what’s similar and what’s different between humans and other animal species. I know several formerly "pre health" students that have decided to go a more biological route once they found out how much fun it is (I might be a little biased 🙂 ). If you are positive that you want to go into human medicine, then by all means take the human anatomy course – a great opportunity.

  • masterans

    If you are pre-med I would advise not to take any intense anatomy physiology class because medical schools do not want you to take anatomy so that they can teach it to you right.

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