• gunsrfunmg

    It depends on which kinds of subjects you have a preference for. Physiology is very conceptual while anatomy is entirely just memorizing tons of stuff. I preferred physiology by far and despised anatomy. I thought physiology was even kind of fun.

  • Pooky™

    Are you in pre-nursing? These classes are not difficult. As the matter of fact, nursing program is not that difficult. You will have a lot to memorize, and you will be tested very often, but it is not medical school because it doesn’t have high level math or science classes.

  • Anatomy is more straight forward, just pure memorization (in fact, a lot of it). Physiology focuses more on chemical process in different parts of the body. I definitely think physiology is harder than anatomy because it requires much more ctitical thinking and more chemistry background (well, at least at my school). The only reason that I think many people might not be passing anatomy is because of intense memorization that the class requires. But if you are hard-working and willing to put a lot of time into that class, I would definitely suggest taking anatomy first and then physiology.

    One resource that saved me in both courses is found at http://www.anatomycoursehelp.com

    Best of Luck

  • Carmella

    Physiology takes a lot more thinking and digestion. Harder for me in my experience.
    Anatomy is definitely much more straightfoward. and there are lots of textbooks and videos that can help you easily. Here’s an example of a good set of 3D animations that help me through, thank goodness for computer programs I dont have to always carry my text books: http://tinyurl.com/animatedanatomy

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