Which medical schools do human dissection?

i’m applying to medical school in october and i wasnt to do human dissection as part of the course, which med schools still do it?? thanks 🙂

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  • They all do, understanding human anatomy is a major component of medical education. Many structures just do not look the same in a real body as they do highlighted in an artists rendering in a textbook or atlas. No matter what, you will have to participate in the anatomy lab to at least take the practical exams that just about all schools still use. Many schools do not grade on attendance in the labs nor for participation, so you might be able to get away with not participating, rather just taking a peek at important structures, or having a friend show you the structures after lab. (however medical students are a competitive lot, and many will take offense to you expecting them to help you out, when you don’t help out during the labs)

  • they offer it in Otago University medicine school i think its in New Zealand though..

  • My best friend did medicine at Leeds University and they did human dissection from the first year. They also had a whole body rather than parts to work on.

  • ALL of them.

  • In the US, it’s ubiquitous.

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