Why are progressive thinkers always chastised by their community?

Galileo was chastised by the people of his time for his idea of heliocentrism (our solar system revolves around the sun, not the earth). Now we know he was right. Leonardo da Vinci was persecuted for his use of cadavers in advancing the human anatomy and contributions to medical science. Isaac Newton was laughed at by his ideas of gravity and kinematics. Professor Scottie AKA Scottie Scottsford AKA Scottie G. Rapist chastised for his insights into the human psyche and contributions to the field of rapeology.

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  • The Grappler

    …..Hitler was shot by his own hand for being such a dumbass…..

    It depends on what your progressive thinking is about. As a social conditional upwardly mobile society in the West (theoretically) we are supposed to be moving away from such things as compulsion by government and to a coalition of the willing, draconion laws to give some vestige of social control with or without warrant, entrenched abuse and privilege to retain or promote some social order and so on – and including such things as forced sex.

    there is nothing in this world tat can persuade me that rape of any kind is anything but a crime. If I only screw you gently while holding a pistol to your head – does that in any way lower the compulsion involved, and thus the crime?

    No – it does not. and the fact of the recipient of forced sex enjoying it or otherwise is irrelevant – if the recipient was consensual and appreciative, there would be no claim of rape – so your entire thesis is moot.

    If the recipient enjoyed it but was compelled – it is still rape, and not something any real man would even consider.

    I like my sex partners willing and capable……..they are so much better when enthusiastic, and their enthusiasm adds an extra dimension, making me feel comfortable and at home.

  • Martin Daniels

    It’s probably women’s fault.

  • silly!

    you will never be right. rape is one of those things that are just wrong. sorry for you. pick a new career buddy.

  • Liberty Corrigan

    How dare people think differently to me why we should burn them.

    Man, human sexuality. Gay/straight/bi has been considered "outdated" for a pretty damn long time. Still not buying rapeology tho.

  • I’m a little rusty on my rapeoology, but I believe professor Scottie coined the phrase "gentle rape", correct? The world clearly wasn’t ready for such a shocking and precocious insight into the mind of a violent sexaholic lunatic, and hopefully, it never will be.

  • Jade196 4.0

    I find it presumptuous that you deem yourself on the same level as Galileo, da Vinci, and Newton, Professor Scottie.

    If you’re crazy and a genius, you’re a "progressive thinker" or an "eccentric".

    Otherwise, you’re just crazy.

    Like a fox.

    Or a loon.

    I’d pick the fox.

  • ʄaçade

    Heliocentrism was not Galileo’s idea; He borrowed it. "Progressive" is often a code-word meaning "Socialism", best understood as predominately anti-freedom. "Rape" is a yellow flowering grain crop. Professor Scottie is a kook of little renown.

    OT @Jade196 4.0: Are you the same Jade as "Jade Spade" and the "Jade196" (with the sunlight backlit portrait)? If so, it is okay to delete those contacts?

    [Added @Jade: I shall take your contact ‘add’ as a ‘yes’. ]

  • Great White

    I agree with the grappler!

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