Why are progressive thinkers always chastised by their community?

Galileo was chastised by the people of his time for his idea of heliocentrism (our solar system revolves around the sun, not the earth). Now we know he was right. Leonardo da Vinci was persecuted for his use of cadavers in advancing the human anatomy and contributions to medical science. Isaac Newton was laughed at by his ideas of gravity and kinematics. Scottie "Gentle Raper" Scottsford chastised for his insights into the human psyche and contributions to the field of rapeology.

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  • Great White

    Ahahahahahahaha! Those MEN did what they did for the good of mankind! You do what you do for the good of yourself! Rapeology! You mean Stupidology!

  • Martin Daniels

    Just seems to be the way it is.

  • Rapeology isn’t scientific field dumbass.

  • Syam Mohan

    why dont u just change ur name to "the rape lover 101" ?

  • Princess Entitlement ComplexƸӜƷ ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

    They ought to give you your own section on yahoo: Scotties rape studies.

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