• Finnegan

    You can but it takes practice. With eyes open, you are using vision to maintain a point of reference. Without vision, you are relying upon your your inner ear (balance). Many joggers use this as a way of strengthening their ankles and it does indeed work very effectively. Over time, one can maintain balance over a couple minutes or more.

  • Erin H

    you can’t…?

  • alicia

    I can do that. Easy. Watch me!

  • Jbbbbbbbb

    U can balence and sight are 2 difeent things

  • Madison

    idk ! it makes me really dizzy, i guess its because you have nothing to focus on so you just kind of fall over. because i have to focus on something to balance on one foot . then again, i bet a lot of people can do it but im just so badly coordinated 😛 .

  • Who says you cant?
    I sure can!

  • Karl D

    i can

  • lucero

    because in order to maintain your balance for a long period of time you have to concentrate on an objet that is not moving

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