Why do people pour sierra mist or sprite on apples?

I’m in Human Anatomy class and for an expo project I’m researching decomposition(funnn..) What is it in sierra mist or sprite that keeps vegetables fresh over a period of time?

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  • Cotton Tablecloth

    That would be the citric acid, I imagine.

  • plunger paradise

    hahah, I did a project on that sort of thing when I was in fifth grade.
    the soda acts as a barrier between the apple and the oxygen.

  • Apple are a fruit and once they are cut start to brown like rust. Pouring a cola over the apples will prevent the apples from turning brown. Dipping the apple into a saline solution (salty water) will also prevent the apple from turning brown and will in many instances add a sweetness to the apple.

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    god bless you

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