• The tears and mucus have several functions.

    1.) to wash away dust particles.

    2.) To lubricate the eye when it is rotating

    3.) To allow atmospheric oxygen to dissolve in the eye.

    I think in this case, the purpose of human anatomy to produce tears and mucus when we are emotionally upset would be to allow more oxygen to dissolve in the eye. When we are upset, our eyes require this extra oxygen to increase the sensitivity of our nervous system. It is also one of the various ways that our brain increases its oxygen intake so that it can concentrate better to allow us to come to our senses.

  • ♥Гove and Гïfe♥

    It’s an adaptation!

    Your emotions don’t wash themselves away.

  • to make you go "awwwwwwwwwwwwww….." lol
    I dunno. I’ve thought of this and I’ve concluded that …they are there so that we will become distracted( have to focus on wiping tears and clearing mucus) …so we are less focused with our inner emotions..and hence dont drown in our sorrow?

  • Its the easiest way of letting someone know that you’re in trouble and need some help. That’s why.

  • Tears, are believed to be a bonding mechanism between humans, we can see this say if you are in verbal fight with a friend and they start crying (supposing they don’t usually cry) a person sees this and either stops yelling or start feeling bad for what they have done. No other animal, not even monkeys cry when they are sad. Humans are one of the most, if not the most, bonded and social creatures on the planet. Crying is just a defense mechanism from each other.

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