Why is circumcision even legal on babies?

You are chopping a piece of the human anatomy that every male human has been born with since the rise of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and you’re chopping this natural part of the human flesh that on a baby that cant consent to it???

Thanks to me not being to give my consent to the surgery, I as of now have a mutilated penis that will never be normal again.

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  • You’re not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of males who hate and resent the violation of their bodies and their rights by having male genital mutilation, called circumcision, forced on them.

    It’s not illegal to circumcise male infants mainly because hospitals and doctors make big bucks from it, and many of the doctors belong to the religions that try to impose circumcision on all males.

    It should be as illegal to circumcise male minors as it is for female minors; both are genital mutilation. Males are supposed to have equal protection under the law.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


  • Love.Canada

    part of Zionist plot maybe??

  • natural is not a defense. Cancer IS natural and is human, we still go and chop that out. Whether it is right or wrong to circumcise babies I can’t tell you, I was and I like it that way, but that’s just me and it sucks if you were and didn’t want to be when you grow up. But…the natural thing is not a valid defense argument. Consent might be though, but there are health benefits to circumcision (decreases risk of contracting HIV…proven in various scientific studies)

  • Makes you wonder if this "surgery" doesn’t fall under the guidelines of child abuse , no matter what the "religious significances

    And for the cancer etc lobbies whats wrong with waiting till the child is ‘of age " and can decide for himself if he wants it done

  • skipper747

    Circumcision is common in USA –
    Extra money for the hospital when babies are born –
    Exactly like extra money for C-sections that are really unnecessary –

    Religious traditions in some parts of the world –
    And in some other parts of the world it is rare –

    I lived in USA from 1960 until 1992 –
    At times I took showers (i.e. military) with everyone nude no privacy –
    Many asked me "why aren’t your circumcised?" –

  • Taziketoro

    Religion. That’s why. There is no other reason to circumcise a child other than religious reasons. It should be illegal though, I agree.
    I know a man who was circumcised in his late teens (for medical reasons) and according to him the feeling before and a few years after is significantly different for the worse.

  • •• TONY ••

    @alym: Your answer is flawed and has been disproved many times. When the study was done it included results from amongst communities of circumcised men, like Jews and Muslims, where extramarital sex and premarital sex was very low or non-existent, so the transmission of STDs is very unlikely anyway. Any differences found in cancer perceptibility was very low indeed and within the clinical errors and deviations allowed, so are basically meaningless.
    Most circumcisions are done for religious or cosmetic reasons these day and neither is medically necessary. As over 85% of the world’s male population are uncircumcised, there are very few valid arguments for continuing this unnecessary practice in the USA (the rest of the civilized world already condemns it, just as the USA have made the same operation, carried out on little girls for religious reasons, illegal).

  • parsnipianna

    It should be illegal for people too young to be able to give informed consent to be circumcised or put on a reality show.

    Both could scar you for life.

  • Gina P

    As others have pointed out, religion, especially with conservative Jews, plays a big part. Since many Jews in the past married family members, genetic disease such as hemophilia was at a higher prevalence and babies have bled to death from circumcisions. I think that it should be completely forbidden to circumcise babies. If the child grows up and is knowledgeable enough to consent to the procedure then that is his business.

  • Marisol♀

    Circumcision is so wrong in so many ways.

    I once asked people whether or not they agree on circumcision, and I’ve found that a lot of people are against it. Then there’s certain ignorant people who think it’s aaaaalll G. I gave my opinion in my question.


  • John W

    The only places peopel still do it are America , the Middle East, Muslims/Jews living elsewhere and some tribes in Africa and whatnot…. the only reason it’s done in the middle east is because of their religion (Muslim, and for Israel; Jewish)

    Nobody and I mean nobody else does it, it really has no place and never has in the world. It is just another way to cause trauma to babies. If I ran down the list of what is so bad about it there is no way in hell you or anyone would support it.
    I can go on for hours and hours about this if you want me to

    Edit: I feel your pain, I was mutilated too… I would do foreskin restoration but that doesn’t get the nerve endings back 🙁


    Natural protection, should not be tampered with.

    whats the saying – if it not broke, don’t fix it?

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