Why is mutilation and murder okay on TV but not boobies?

I think we all know killing people is allot worse a harmless peace of the human anatomy…. and they are not even sexual they’re for feeding babes… Chopped up human torsos and body parts and bloody guts all over the place(CSI) or someones boobs… in real life what would you be more shocked from seeing?

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  • fatsausage

    When the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock they decided that
    there should be no topless women on TV.

  • TACOMcCail

    It’s gotten really absurd now especially if you look at a few magazine covers. They can literally show every inch of skin on a woman’s body with the exception of the nipples and the vagina itself. They can show the entire breast around the nipple and the skin around the vagina. The no nudity thing is like a bad joke that reminds us of our prude, puritan beginnings.

    It just shows how hypocritical and illogical ideas of right and wrong can be. Our society is built on rules which are built on a combination of many different traditions and beliefs. It’s unfortunate that everyone else doesn’t see what I see so clearly; that people should be allowed to do anything they want to as long as they aren’t negatively interfering with the freedom or well-being of anyone else.

    In my opinion, we should be able to show anything…literally anything we want to show on TV. It’s the responsibility of parents to monitor what their children watch.

    Really? What country do you live in? Have you ever watched Criminal Minds? They show murder in almost every episode. They don’t always show knives entering flesh but they do sometimes. They definitely show people being shot as do a lot of shows. It’s an astonishing absurdity that violence is considered acceptable for all viewers but the natural state of the human body is forbidden. Just think about it.

  • They almost NEVER show murder or mutilation on TV; they merely allude to it. In fact, I often have been shocked in films where they show rather gory things.

  • Breasts obviously are sexual because of the general male response (arousal).

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