why is she telling me not to take ap biology?

I am going to be a junior next year and i wanted to take ap biology (i am very into science). But my teacher told me to wait till senior year and just to take human anatomy and physiology . Why is she telling me this? Is it better to do this?

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  • Piranhaha

    I disagree. AP bio is mostly about cell and molecular biology, with units about ecology an anatomy as well. Taking anatomy might help you on the anatomy portion of the exam (especially if your class, like mine, does not even cover anatomy). On the other hand, you can probably get an AP guide and self study the anatomy part if your class doesn’t teach it. I took AP bio as a junior and got a 5 on the test and I didn’t even know that anatomy would be a part of it, so I think that if you’re interested and willing to put in the time to study there’s no reason not to take it.

  • George Carlin's Ghost

    Having an anatomy and phsiology background will greatly help you when taking ap bio.

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