why is the course human anatomy and others not open for those majoring on biology?

why is the course human anatomy, bacteriology, and human heredity and others not open for those majoring on biology?
those sound very interesting to me so what do i have to major in to take those courses

i want to be in the premed program

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  • The only reason they wouldn’t be open to bio majors is because you’d be covering that material in your bio classes, and just repeating it in those classes.

  • Emily M

    It depends on the policies of the university. Those courses may be reserved for nursing students or other health professionals. Also, these courses might be taught at a level appropriate for non-scientists, and the biology department may not consider them rigorous enough.

    If you go to medical school, you will have to take anatomy, medical microbiology, medical genetics, etc. in medical school. Credit hours for coursework that duplicates classes taught by medical schools may not be counted towards the total hours needed for admission to medical school or towards the science requirements for medical school.

    For pre-med, you should be taking general chemistry, biology, organic chemistry and physics along with the labs for these subjects. You should also take math and English. Also, try to get clinical, research and volunteer experience.

  • Muser Opute

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