will i still get into sdsu if im a transfer student and im majoring in nursing if i get a C in human anatomy?

im planning on transfering to SDSU and my major is nursing, but will i be able to transfer if i got a C grade in Bio 260(human anatomy)? can i get accepted, and just retake the class there?

Please Help. 🙁

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  • gardeniagirl07

    To get into Nursing School, you pretty much need an "A" average. Nursing Schools usually want the cream of the crop before they will even consider taking a student with a "C" in Biology. I know because our daughter tried and she couldn’t get in with an overall ‘B’ average and that was at a Junior College. The Nursing School said they accepted all straight
    "A" average students first come, first serve. Both my Aunt and my first cousin are Nurses and they both had straight "A" averages to get into Nursing School.
    Sorry if I rained on your parade, but Nursing School is not easy, especially after you are accepted into the Nursing Program. Good luck to you!

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