Will it hurt to ejaculate after having had an urinary catheter?

I’ve had an urinary catheter on Christmas and after it was removed, it hurt like hell the entire day when I went to take a pee. The next day, though, the pain was completely gone.

I haven’t had sex yet since I was catheterized but I’ll have soon, and now I’m very scared that I’ll maybe have pain when I’ll ejaculate (I don’t know anything about human anatomy but I’m figuring sperm goes through another thing than urine, and the urine thing is used to things flowing through it again because of having peed a lot of times already since catheterization, but I haven’t ejaculated yet since, so the thing through which sperm flows might not be used to it again?)

So…. will it hurt or will it not? I sincerely hope not. If it’d hurt as bad as it did when I went to pee, I might seriously consider to abstain from having sex in the future haha. Pleasure of having an orgasm mixed with the intense pain must be really mortifying.

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  • Christine

    First off, both your semen and your urine exit the penis through the same tube (the urethra.) Secondly, whether ejaculation will hurt or not depends on how long you wait. Right now, your urethra is sensitive and irritated from the catheter, so there will be some pain. You have no choice but to pee, so you have to deal with it. Once the urethra has a chance to heal, there will be no pain, in either peeing or ejaculating. Everyone heals at different rates, so there’s no definite answer about how long it will take. Once you can pee without any pain, you should be able to ejaculate without pain. Hope this helps, and good luck!

  • Days Go By

    Your prostate gland controls the flow of urine and semen. So when you pee, urine flows from the bladder to the prostate and out the urethra. When you are aroused, your prostate shuts off the urethra from the bladder and opens up access for semen and precum to flow through the urethra in your penis– so for most of the distance the same tube is used for both semen and urine. The catheter goes past the prostate and into the bladder so urine can flow unrestricted. if you aren’t hurting now when peeing you probably won’t hurt when you ejaculate– squeezing out the final drops of urine tenses your prostate and if that isn’t sore, you should be fine. Last time I had a catheter, my prostate spasmed and could not pee at all for hours. talk about pain! Had to go to the ER and get a new catheter put in for while. Never will forget that. Damn it hurt. So I feel your pain.

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