Will my puppy have future defects because of a huge age difference between the parents?

I found the perfect puppy that I think I really want but I just had a question. I know in human anatomy when there is a large age difference between the parents, it increases the likelihood of future defects such as disease, retardation, dwarfism etc. Is it the same in animal anatomy? The father is 11 years old and the mom is 2 years old. This is a perfect question for someone that knows about Zoology or Biology (unfortunately I don’t). Any input would be appreciated.

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  • ragapple

    chances of such defects with the father being the older one are rather low and some consider such an older stud on young female an advantageous match because he has proven health at 10-11 yrs while the younger female is still capable of the larger burden the female carries..

  • Kerry Herndon

    Your puppy should be just fine – it’s usually the age of the females eggs that cause defects!

  • Jenny Manyteeth

    Possibly. Do your research; some breeds do not allow males that old to reproduce, and if they do their get are not registrable.

    Canine genetic inheritance is not identical to human genetic inheritance. Defects may be possible.

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