will these classes be to difficult for community college?

I’m a freshmen at community college and I’m planning on taking these 5 classes
– English (reading and writing composition)
– Intermediate algebra (Even though I took calculus in high school)
– Photography 101
– Human Anatomy
– Dance class

my counselor didn’t want me to take photography because she said its to time consuming but I really love photography, I’m planning on transferring to a higher end university, will these classes be too time consuming and difficult for a freshmen?

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  • blueshark

    There is no reason to believe any of those would be too difficult. English is likely your native language. You’ve done harder math before. Photography is a 100 level class. Anatomy and Physiology is taught at many (if not all) high schools and therefore it should be a review but with more details. A dance class will be similar to gym. Show up and pass it.

  • rugger611

    I think you’ll be fine. I found most courses at a community college are much easier than those at a university. By the looks of it you are not taking anything really difficult, maybe Human Anatomy but otherwise it looks like an easy schedule.

  • -English- different from high school english. best advise. Be opinionated in the 3rd person
    -Math- I HATE!
    photography-click and point…. and develop film in dark 🙂
    -Human anatomy- the trick is to keep it basic and let ur imagination go wild in the class.
    -Dance- dance with me?

  • Peter The Panda

    They won’t be that hard. Did you have a placement test to take? Maybe that’s why you were put into Intermediate Algebra and scored low on the placement test. That’s the only reason I could come up with why a Calc HS student would need Intermediate Algebra {community college equivalent to HS Algebra II}.

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