Would I be able to learn medicine on my own by reading some medical books?and watching online lectures ?

Hello, my intention is to become a doctor in future…..precisely a heart surgeon. I am VERY eager to learn medicine, although I am still in high school.
I thought it would be a very good idea to read some books on the human anatomy, the heart structure, cardiology, pathology and so on.
What books and online lectures do you suggest ? Any experience ?

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  • Pangolin

    Yeah, you and everybody else who posts here wants to be a heart surgeon. There are reasons why very few doctors go into that specialty. Anyway…

    You won’t be able to understand much of it without a solid foundation of basic science (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics). However, anatomy is something anybody can learn, because it’s pretty much all memorization. No matter how much of it you study, if you make it into med school, you will be learning a lot more.

    Start by learning the bones, and the names of all the bumps on all the bones. Then learn all of the muscles: name, action, origin, insertion and innervation. That will give you a good head start.

    Medical terminology would be helpful.

    I also highly recommend that you learn biochemistry, genetics, and statistics at a college level. They are all very necessary.

  • Maya Cuteey

    I think it will take you time.. Im going to study medicine in one year, and what Im doing in college at the moment is already hard and easy to forget, we just have to keep revising all the time to not forget things, but if you feel its a good idea, then i think you should do what you feel for doing.

    Good Luck! 🙂

  • Go drink a milkshake. Calm down. Don’t worry about this right now.

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