Would you advise taking 12 college credits during the summer?

The summer semester is only about a month and a half long.. and the classes are everyday (except fridays) and vary from 3 to 4 hours a day. At this time, I have no job as I was a student worker but they don’t do that in the summer. And I really don’t have a lot of responsibilities.

I am thinking about taking Human Anatomy(4 units), Pre-calculus(5 units) and a history course online(3 units) (im waitlisted for history, but most likely will be enrolled). Precalculus and Anatomy are very intensive classes, and I would have like a 5 hour gap between those classes and I think that would be enough time to study, do homework on weekends and what not. What do you say?

I can do with taking one intense class at a time, but it would be nice to get them out of the way in that one and a half month period.

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  • lildude211us

    I suppose 3 classes should be ok, but you may be pushing it. Summer semesters are usually more "intensive" because everything is packed into 6 weeks. The professor wouldn’t just cut corners and leave out pieces of the course that would otherwise be included in a regular semester. All the stuff that is taught over the course of a 16 week semester will probably be stuffed into 6 weeks.

    If you can handle it, ok, but I would think it is better if you dropped one of the classes (maybe history?) so you can some more time to spend on the other two and also go about your life. You dont have to work in the summer, but maybe you have other things to do. Taking more classes can spread your time thin and decrease your ability to put out a better performance. Its easier to fall behind quickly in online classes, especially if you get caught up in the others, so maybe you can put it off until the fall or something.

  • Joe s

    That is alot during the summer. But sure why not.

  • PirateGirl

    Yes and no. Yes because that would be great in order to get ahead. It would be nice to finish college sooner! And you definitely would keep yourself busy, which is important during the summer. However, 12 credits is full time and summer classes are accelerated, therefore they are more difficult. I warn you that 12 credits may be a lot for the summer and you might not have as much free time. It’s up to you, obviously. Do what you want, but just take caution that 12 credits IS full time, you need to stay motivated, and these classes are accelerated.

  • Jennifer

    It seems a bit much for summer since it is a shorter semester than the fall or spring semester. It is manageable however if you put in the work and effort.

  • Arrivederci

    Full-time during the summer is usually 6 credits. Taking 12 is overkill. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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