5 Min to Goal Achievement


For the most part, the majority of people are very visual.


In other words, they learn best by seeing the content in writing instead of hearing it.

This is important when you consider that writing down long-term and short-term goal incorporates them more fully into your subconscious.


Writing down your goals also clarifies other things in your mind that can often lead to changes in the initial beliefs. This isn’t a great task but it does crystallize your goals in your mind so that you become even more determined to achieve them. (1)


However, many people are stumped on how to get through their daily tasks, not to mention the things they have to get done in order to achieve their goals. In other words, goal achievement sometimes becomes more about time management and focus then it does about goal setting.


Do you have five minutes each day that you can set aside in order to achieve your goals?


If there was a way for you to increase your success rate of achieving your tasks each and every day would you take an extra five minutes to do it?


If you said yes to either one of these questions, then keep on reading because here is a method which works for the majority of the people who try it, do it diligently and are persistent in their efforts.

So let’s get started. The first thing we will discuss is your action list.

Your action list is often called your “things to do” list.


These are the items you think you’re going to get done the next day or you think you’re going to get done today. It is essential that you create an action list each and every evening before you go to bed as an outline for what you intend to accomplish the next day.


The items on your action list should follow closely the objectives you want to accomplish that will ultimately lead you to your goal. In other words, if your goal is to finish a writing project, you should have broken that project down into several different tasks.


One of those tasks should make it to your action list each and every night. Stay at home moms and dads can also include tasks they would normally do around the house or with the children in order to be sure that they aren’t overbooking themselves for the day.


Each evening prior to going to bed you will review your objectives and determine which tasks need to be completed the following day in order to continue on your road to success.


Make some attempt to keep the task list reasonable. In other words, if you recognize a specific task is going to take four hours, such as completing an assignment , it probably isn’t a good idea to include another large task to be done on the same day.


However, specific tasks to be done toward the achievement of your writing project must be included each and every day.

The next morning, after a rising but prior to really starting the day, sit down with your action list. Take a good look at the items that you want to accomplish today. Close your eyes and very quietly see yourself accomplishing and finishing each of those tasks.

If one of those tasks is to complete your assignment then imagine yourself finishing and handing in your work.


If the next task you are going to attempt is to research a new piece of work then imagine yourself doing the research, and preparing all the information. 

This entire task should take no more than five minutes. Use this method of imagining yourself completing your task list each and every morning. This is a method which will help your subconscious mind believe that you have already accomplished the goal and that you must accomplish the goal in order to achieve success for the day. Even tasks which you find to be the irritating or you don’t wish to complete will suddenly become easier.


The action list should be completed each night prior to going to bed and reviewed the next morning prior to getting started with your day.


Keep track of the things you put on your list and the things you accomplish. Try this for two weeks. At the end of two weeks review what you have accomplished and you will find that the periods of time during the day when you may have become distracted have suddenly become more productive and more focused.


This method of moving towards goal achievement most often gives you the ability to become more productive and more quickly than you were before. Do not be tempted to fill the extra time with too many more “productivity” items but instead spend more time with your family or having fun in order to achieve a more balanced life.

(1) Summary of recent Goals Research: Goals Research Summary

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