Any computer programs that make learning human anatomy easier?

I’m looking for a program (probably doesn’t exist) that allows you to move the body and limbs of a human model. As you move the figure, muscles associated in helping that movement will light up, or otherwise indicate that they are part of the process.

Is there anything like this out there to purchase?

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  • basheer_nass

    some programs are available :
    you have the netter atlas on comupuer (makes it easier to find stuff – much better than searching the index every second)
    there is a program called Adam which i heard is good for anatomy
    and another one i tried out which gives you 3d with layers to look at organs from a real corpse, it’s called primalpicture .. pretty good


    There is now Google Body:

    I don’t know if it has the functionality that you would like, but it is free.

    There is also software like:

  • Amanda

    I use a program called ADAM Interactive Anatomy. It doesn’t allow you to move limbs and show the muscles associated but it’s an excellent program for going layer by layer through the body and learning all of the structures. If you pair that with a textbook or some other source that provides the primary motions of the different muscles you will be able to see how it all works and will quickly learn anatomy.

  • Jengers

    If your school subscribes to a site called, it is by far the best program out there in respect to the level of detail and layering. Definitely look into it if you have the chance and the resources.

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