• Oops!

    wow when i read this question i was like " is that actually an option?!"
    lol unfortunately i dont think theres such a thing as a BSc in human anatomy…BSc degrees arent quite THAT specific…you could maybe get a degree in biology or kineseology (im sure i spelt that wrong), something that is similar to anatomy and that may even require that you complete an anatomy course

  • Vicrum

    Similar majors offered would be physiology, biology, and kinesiology. I haven’t seen a university that offers a BS in Human Anatomy.

  • jannsody

    Just to add to the other great post that the ‘human anatomy’ class offered at so many colleges and universities doesn’t tend to transfer or may not even count the same way that ‘anatomy and physiology’ usually does for most degree programs. Please do check with the college(s) that one is interested in transferring to before taking any of those types of courses. It may save the person a lot of money and heartache 🙂

    For general career info: http://www.bls.gov/oco and can search ‘biological scientists’ or such.

    Please steer clear of those online, for-profit schools (may have ‘bricks and mortar’ buildings and may be accredited) such as capella, penn foster, strayer, kaplan, walden, sanford brown, ashworth, ITT tech, everest, university of phoenix, devry, argosy, colorado tech and others as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’ (and course credits may not transfer): http://www.ripoffreport.com and can type into search.

    For US colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ

  • Emily M

    McGill in Quebec, has an undergraduate anatomy program. Classes might be in French though.
    If you go someplace that has a medical school, a biology department, an anthropology department, an art school, a kinesiology dept etc., you might be able to create an individualized major.
    Some schools offer human biology as an undergraduate major.

  • Just an Answer

    "Human Anatomy" is a name of a class you would take within a particular major/program. It’s not a major itself. Mostly if you took one of these majors: Biology, Forensic Science, Nursing, or something along those lines you’d find that class.

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