Best way to learn human anatomy??

Hi, I am a dental student
We just started our human anatomy class, but I am having trouble memorizing and orgainizing the material. Anyone can suggest a way base on the personal experience??

Also, I have hear about those digital interactive human anatomy atlas, but I don’t know which one is good. Please help me to find more info and which program(and also which version or editon) is better. Thank you so much!
thank you guys, they are all very helpful advice

A lot of people mentioned that it’s just pure memorization. I am wondering what kind of techniqes you guys use for this subject?

like… memorize each part individually or individually… writing them down or drawing them out? or how you organize them so you can memorize them more easily… etc

Thanks a bounch!
i mean memorizing each part individually or focusing on the connections..

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  • Read RJ Last Anatomy its good for memorizing plus u can search 4 mnemonics for anatomy so that u can remember it ezily might help. Netter’s is a good atlas 4 bone markings n rohen 4 soft parts

  • sweets

    I found an awesome children’s coloring book (not the grey’s anatomy one. can’t remember the name.). and that was really helpful.

    believe or not –children’s library books on this are really, really helpful.

    best of luck to you

  • Rich Z

    You just have to keep reading the text book and staring at the pictures. Also pay very careful attention during the labs.

    When I first took that course I thought that it would be easy but it turns out that every little speck of meat you come across has an exact name that they really want you to learn and write down when they show you the specimen on the test. Who knew that the little greasy piece of angel hair pasta was an optic nerve and that it was vital to be able to tell it from the other pieces of greasy angel hair pasta.

  • mary r

    I was a dental student and The thing that sticks most in my mind was I couldn’t eat meat for years. Then some things still "gross" me out. It is sheer memorization. I remember the person in our class that did the best never went to lab. He learned it all from pictures. Remember the cadavers all died from some disease so you see a lot of abnormal things. Then there is the difference between alive tissue and pickled. The is no best thing. You just have to do the time. Just like learning endo in alive teeth verse old pulled teeth. Good luck !

  • BArneyfromKillarney

    An anatomy class is a matter of rote memorization, pure and simple.
    The bad part is that so many of the names of body parts are in Latin, and our lousy schools haven’t taught Latin for years.

    Get yourself a copy of Gray’s (or is it Grey’s) Anatomy.
    And I don’t mean the idiot TV program.

  • eejonesaux

    Hi,,, just to lighten up the subject here for you…. so you can take a break and a laugh,,,,,

    I devoted my first 4 yrs in college to A & P,, by dating every girl that i could,,, especially the Nursing Students and Pre Med ones,,, they always seemed eager to help me ….. learn… lol

    good luck

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