Blog Instructions Part Two

Blog Instructions  Part two


  • Log into your admin panel here


  • Top left click on mysite to open your dashboard


  • Scroll down left hand side and click on pages


  • Click on the about page and in the space below the title write 500 words about who you are and why you have chosen to research the two medical conditions on your blog.
  • When finished click on update


Customising the look of your blog

Take some time on this section to experiment with colours. Each time you make a change click on save and publish.

  • On dashboard scroll down to themes and click on customise
  • Click on site identity and give your blog a title.
  • Click on background colours and choose a colour
  • Click on header image and choose a header or upload an image. If you go to google choose an image and …save image as…. then upload that image to your header.
  • Save a menu on your blog


All of the blog instruction part 2 takes time. It is only through playing around with different variables of colour, different images and image sizes that you will change your blog layout to your own specifications.


Here are examples of three blogs developed by past students.


Do not panic about videos etc on these blogs we shall be learning how to do this as we go along ….one step at a time.


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