Can i get into the Johns Hopkins University with my grades?

I have a 3.71 GPA. Out of my 7 classes, I’m in AP Spanish and AP European History. I am in AP English, Honors Human Anatomy, Studies in Sexuality and accelerate Calculus (which is one level less than honors). I am currently enrolled in the following groups; Presidential Classroom, Debate Team, Political Science Club, Spanish Honor Society, the Science Honor Society, and the Chess Club. I have 60 hours of community service.

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  • Hillary B

    If you want it, you can do it. Keep building your community portfolio and try doing specific things that cater to the college’s interest. have a lunch meeting with a professor or set up and interview with the dean. You seem to be working very hard, it will pay off 🙂

  • You’re looking good. Keep up the good work.

  • mike4400

    Can your father build Hopkins a new Gym? I think if he can and does….your a shoo in

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