Can someone please tell me the differences in how lions mate from how hyenas mate?

In human Anatomy, My teacher gave me what I think is the hardest subject to compare and contrast. Can anyone give me a clue?

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  • David D

    Pretty much the same…

    And whales and turtles and birds…

    That is powerful evidence for evolution…

    And pigs and cows and rabbits ….

    and people – well, some people…

    Animal Sex : Hyena

    Lions mating

  • Richard B

    detail vary. Lions are felines, big cats little cats, noisy and when ever they can

    In nature most animals have s specific time and depend on the hormone and other clues that the female is ready to conceive. Sex is a lot of hard distracting biological work so it would not pay off for males to always be mating instead of finding food

    Pandas get two days every few years , or so I heard

    Hyenas are anatomically strange. the females look like males from the outside , and the females have more male hormones than most animals

    Humans and a few primates like the chimps and Bonobo chimp are the rare exception that mate for social reasons. human females ( AKA women) do NOT show obvious signs when they are most fertile. the evolutionary advantage for the offspring is: if the men saty with thier partner they are there to help raise and protect both mother and child during the long period of childhood, at least 8 but really 18 years. it is the source of love between parents and child, permanent marriage ( well almost permanent) family and clan unity

    Biology is really interesting. things do not "just happen" there is usually a reason.

    look for National Geographic articles about the big cats and hyenas

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