Consider Munching on Dehydrated Foods for a Healthy and Filling Snack


Getting your kids to eat healthy can be a really difficult proposition. After all, what child would want to eat something like fruit for a snack when there are tens of thousands of different salty or sugary products out there just dying to be eaten by kids all over America?
Many parents have a really tough time trying to figure out how to get their children to eat healthy in the time between meals. While it is not difficult to force kids to eat healthy during lunch and dinner time, as they can simply eat exactly what you and your husband or wife are eating, many parents struggle with weaning their kids off of sugary or salty snacks like gummies, candy bars, cookies and chips.

At the grocery store, kids will beg for these treats ‘ often guilting you into buying it for them, even if you know that purchasing it for them is a horrible idea. I fully recommend to everyone to try Quest chips. If you are wondering, are quest chips healthy? Actually, it’s high in protein and low in carbs. Quest has really hit snacking healthy right for anyone.

No parent wants to look like the bad guy in situations like this ‘ when you’ve got a screaming, crying child in the supermarket begging for that tub of gummy worms — so you will have to substitute the foods your kids have grown accustomed to with foods that are equally as tasty, if not better ‘ even if it means that you will have to do a little extra leg work to find recipes and make these treats.

One such substitute includes dehydrated fruit which is not only yummy, but will provide your children with just as many nutrients as eating regular fruit. In fact, you could always use a cookie cutter on dried apricots and pretend they are actually junk food.

Almost any fruit can be dehydrated via a process to remove all of the water from it. Slightly different from dried fruits that are left out in the sun for some time, dehydrated fruits maintain a look similar to their original form and some dehydrated foods can even have water added back into them at a later time.

One of the most popular dehydrated fruits is the dehydrated banana. Devoid of all moisture, it turns into sort of a sweet chip with a distinct banana flavor. If your kids hate bananas, then consider dehydrated strawberries as a great alternative with much the same consistency. Additionally, dried apricots are often a favorite.

Furthermore, there are a variety of dehydrated food recipe sources where you can integrate dehydrated fruits and a dehydrated vegetable or two into otherwise common dishes.

If possible, you should avoid purchasing your dehydrated fruit and instead make it yourself with a recipe. This might be a little extra work, but in the long run, you will definitely be happy that you started doing this.

Dehydrated fruit from the grocery store generally contains loads of salt, additives, and preservatives ‘ all of which aren’t great for your kid. However, if you dehydrate the fruit yourself, you can get the same taste without all the additional poisons, which was actually the goal the entire time, anyway.

Even though kids can benefit from healthy dehydrated snacks, adults can join in on the excitement, too, with a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. Originally designed as dehydrated camping food, there are hundreds of different options for vegetables and other nutrient sources, including dehydrated peas and dehydrated carrots ‘ two big favorites.

One of the most well-known sources includes dehydrated refried beans, which can be cooked up like regular refried beans for a use in a healthy and nutritional meal. Other options include the dehydrated mushroom, dehydrated potato, and dehydrated onion ‘ all of which can be combined with some water or broth for a delicious stew or soup.

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