Did anyone ever take human anatomy if so…?

Did you have to spend almost 600 on books? FOR ONE CLASS?
I am enrolled in a class at my college called human anatomy. I checked to see what book[s] i will need. I will need 3 books. One book is 0 [must buy new] The second book is 163-217 [depending on if i buy it new or not] and my last book is [must buy new]….so It looks like I’ll be spending in between the 500 range for books. For just ONE class. I am in shock. Did anyone else have to buy this many books for one class? I am scared to spent my money on these books when it could be a mistake.

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  • Diane A

    You can go to the book store and actually look at the books and see what they actually cover and you can wait until class starts and see how they will fit in, and if something would substitute. Anatomy books are expensive as they require a lot of detailed colored printing, but another book may substitute. You can also email the professor.

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