Do most Zoology majors require human anatomy?

I don’t know if I should take pre-chem right now or do human anatomy… they have conflicting times so I need to choose one but I’m positive pre-chem’s needed and not sure if anatomy is. It seems like the ASSIST thing said to focus on math like calculus and then take botany so I need pre-chem to open the door to other things. Thanks!

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  • The Cheshire

    You should have a course study list that tells you what applies and what does not. If it is not listed then probably not but you can check with your adviser.

  • Hexlein Crunch

    mh i don’t know…

  • Elle, All Zoology majors will need some degree of anatomy/physiology and of course chemistry as well as all the science and math you can handle. If you are really interested in Zoology I’d take the anatomy for now.

  • Most do not. The human anatomy course is often given to non-science majors, since it requires little thought, just memorization. Zoology majors more often get saddled with Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy. THAT is usually one nasty course in terms of grades.

  • Ahsan Iqbal

    I would definitely go for anatomy first and then chemistry. The reason is that chemistry comes very hard to me. I don’t understand a word of it.

  • Viddler

    If you’re positive that pre-chem is needed then go for that. As a confirmation, look into the subject list of the zoology course you plan to take. I know zoology majors who did not have to take human anatomy, but this rule can vary from college to college.

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