Do Nurses have to go through Human anatomy dissection?

Okay honestly that is my number one reason why Iam no longer busting my butt to get into Med school from a while now lol,until i found out about the whole cadaver dissection part.That part, will give me nightmares,wont sleep for weeks to months probably wont even eat too for a while.So once i heard about that,yeah ummm Hell no Im never doing that.
I can study human anatomy that’s fine with me,but if i have too see a dead corpse like a cadaver,i don’t care if they pay a billion dollars i will not do it.
If the person is alive,and is all bloody and there’s gore and everything,okay i will help the poor fellow out in any way possible for the very sake of his or her life,but if there dead,okay sorry yeah im not handling that lol.

Do nurses have to go through like dissecting cadavers and stuff like that?
I mean i can do animals,that would be pretty okay with me,ill faint the first and second time but wont be extremely as bad as the cadavers lol.
I will never ever do doctor,not because its extremely hard and i wont think i will do it or anything,but because on whole medical year (i think if i read correct) is dedicated alone on dissecting cadavers and all that cutting up part.That part is really something that’s emotionally disturbing to me like im sorry but there’s no way in the world ill even consider anymore med school.
As long as i don’t have to cut open people while they are dead I’am totally okay then, that’s really the bottom line.
If people are alive and they need to get stitched up that is fine with me,like i will help the person get better.As for cutting up open someone alive or not,I’m sorry, not doing that.
Sorry,this is just how I’am, please respect that. Thanks 🙂


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  • Diane A

    In the US you will not dissect a cadaver, you may (in a few schools) visit one in a med school, but you do not need to learn anatomy that detailed and cadavers are too expensive for nursing schools. You will not sew anyone up either, set broken bones etc. You will learn bandaging & dressing wounds etc, but won’t be knee deep in opening chests in trauma etc-that is the clinicians job. SO NO HUMAN DISSECTION>

  • Old School Hero

    I can only speak for nurse education in N America. No, human dissection is not part of any nursing program here.

  • Rick B

    No. I got to go see several autopsies (optional) but was not allowed toarticipate, only observe.

    But, if you can’t be around dead bodies you will have some issues. I work in an ICU and I lose a patient every month or so. I typically spend about an hour in their room removing their lines. Cleaning them, and bagging them.

    No big deal. A body is not scary. A dead body can’t hurt you.

  • Wesley Evan

    No, nurses do not dissect human cadavers like medical students, usually animals like fetal pigs. You realize working on a cadaver is infinitely easier than working on a live, screaming/crying, and possible dying patient? Depending on where you go into the medical field, seeing someone die or a corpse is a probability. You should consider why you wanted to be a doctor and if your reasons are strong enough find the courage to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

  • It depends on the nursing program. Where I live in Canada they do dissect cadavers in school.

  • Who is the writer of the story?
    I’m a male 21. I always wanted to be a doctor but once I heard that I have to dissect cadavers I lost myself. I feel depressed, emotionally disturbed that students have to do that to become a doctor. I feel so sick I don’t I just feel like I was dead before I even I heard of this

    Lord I can’t
    I’m also vegetarian so no can’t be near dead animals

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