does anybody know any good human anatomy book i could study for drawing practice?

it was recommended to me by respected artist to try studying anatomical books with detailed drawings and diagrams and analyzing them to further my understanding of human structure ect, ect.

but the problem is that i have very little room for trial and error in this case. i have little money and access to sites like, ebay, or local stores. so if im going to do this, i have to know what im looking for and what im doing. and just whimsically picking random anatomy books wont work.

so what im asking is that if you know of any books that i would be able to use i would greatly appreciate it. if you would give me their name and author and then i would be able to find them easily.

thank you very much for any help you can give. 🙂

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  • Cel Z

    ‘Human Anatomy and Physiology’ by Dr. James Ross

    It’s a complete & award-worthy rendering of the full human system in rich 3D

    The expertise and level of detail are simply awe inspiring.

  • Joseph

    Serving as artist is a praised profession

  • dewitall

    I don’t know of any book, as I just use the internet to learn things like that but if you’re looking for a book try your local library they usually have a book that will help, and if you deem it worthy then buy that one from wherever sells it. If they don’t have a book that fits you then go to barnes and noble or some other bookstore and they may have it.

  • Barbara F

    Giovanni Civardi has 2 of the best books I’ve ever seen: "Complete Guide to Drawing" and "Drawing Human Anatomy". He explains anatomy very well and has lots of beautiful drawings to illustrate.

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