does anyone know what majors require taking human anatomy?

im in high school and i really don’t want to take this class but i will if i have too..
i want a good paying career that ill enjoy, at the moment i’m not sure of what i want to be, im having an open mind. but i know for sure i don’t want to be a doctor or anything of that sort and i’ve never wanted to. so i was wondering if there are other majors that require me taking human anatomy?

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  • Dorothy K.

    The university that I obtained my BA from required those majoring in the following: Human Anatomy: Biology, Biomedical Science, Community Health, Life Science Education, Medical Laboratory Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nursing and Radiologic Technology to take the course or courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology. Of course, anyone planning to go into Chiropractics, Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Podiatry also needs a course or courses on the subject as well.

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