General human anatomy?

I’ll be starting general human anatomy soon, and I’m just wanting to hear from people who have completed it to calm my nerves:) I’ve heard it’s very difficult, which doesnt bother me because I like the challenge, but I would love to hear from anybody about your experience with it. Study/memorizing tips, advice etc. Thanks in advance!

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  • Ahsan Iqbal

    The biggest problem, I found with general anatomy was that because you don’t know details of gross anatomy, it is very difficult to understand the examples and illustrations. Suppose you are studying fascicular architecture of muscles (types of muscles on the basis of arrangement of muscle fibers). You will get to read different muscle names such as rectus abdominis, extensor carpi radialis longus, gastrocnemius etc. If you don’t know where in the body they exist, you would be rather confused and all you can do is just memorize it without knowing what it is.
    That was the biggest problem with General Anatomy. But after you study Gross anatomy, you would find General anatomy extremely easy.
    But let me say that general anatomy is one of the more interesting subjects I ever studied.

  • Dr Frank

    It is no different from any other subject that requires memorising large numbers of facts. Repetition is the answer as it reinforces memory with more being retained each time.

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