gross dissection (human anatomy class)?

i’m gona have an human anatomy class next semester and after reading a description of that class (it says gross dissection and prepared human materials) so what does it mean? it not a medical school, but a college.
1st answer: gross is the word that used in biology, it’s not "gross" slang word. LOL

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  • phoenixflight

    Dissection (also called anatomization) is usually the process of disassembling and observing something to determine its internal structure and as an aid to discerning the function and relationships of its components. It may refer also to some spontaneous natural process of disassembly as in aortic dissection.

    Dissection is usually applied to the examination of plants and animals. The term is also used in relation to mechanisms, computer programs, written materials, etc., as a synonym for terms such as reverse engineering or literary deconstruction. Dissection is usually performed by students in courses of biology, botany and anatomy and in association with medical and arts studies.

    Vivisection refers to the dissection of a living animal, often for the purposes of physiological investigation. However, in modern parlance the term is often used to refer to any type of experimentation in which animals are injured, with or without actual dissection.

    Dissection is often performed as a part of determining a cause of death in autopsy (on humans) and necropsy (on animals) and is an intrinsic part of forensic medicine, such as would be practiced by a coroner.

  • ♫The Twins♫

    if u think dissection is gross then y did u take biology???

  • It means that you will be dissecting and dealing with human remains.

  • lunatic2500

    just baby pigs ……cats and other animals with similar insides

    get those gloves ready its gonna be juicy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward

    depends on the school.
    i disected a baby pig. some get rats or frogs.

  • sheeran13

    some one who died donates there body to be used for research…yep yep

  • Rockfan

    You will most likely view a preserved dead corpse.

    Want to hear something freaky? Somewhere in the news, stated that after unveiling a corpse to look at in anatomy class, the person noticed that it was his recently diseased uncle.

  • Mike C

    You probably have to go to a morgue and look at a dead body.

  • Stew M

    Gross in biology usually means large.


    It means you better have a strong stomach. LOL Just kidding. You’ll probably be dissecting some human parts – probably won’t be as in depth as medical students get into, but it will be a good experience.

  • ¡Que Chica Loca!

    Well since you are studying human biology your teacher will want you to know how the body part inside and out. It shouldn’t be that gross, the grossest thing that I have had to dissect was a pig heart. We had to find all of the sections of the heart and stick our fingers in the veins and arteries to see how big they were. I wouldn’t worry to much, unless you have dissect any " private parts " of a human…

  • tyckarr

    Most likely you will be divided into small groups and each group will dissect a human cadaver. You will probably also be shown sanples of human dissections (for the heart, brain, etc.) done by someone else skilled at dissecting.

  • scottsdalehigh64

    You will be very lucky if you can dissect a human cadaver. It will teach you a lot about your own body.

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