Have you been taking the correct Magnesium?


If you’ve been taking a magnesium supplement I’ve got bad news…

You’re probably just peeing and pooping all of it out.

That’s because research shows the most common type of magnesium isn’t well absorbed at all…

In fact, it’s so poorly absorbed that it’s commonly used as a laxative, because it makes you have to go…

So that means you’re just pooping it all out.

And it gets worse…

If you’re facing any kind of stress (and who isn’t these days), your body uses up even more magnesium, and you pee it out.

Dr. Leopald Galland, M.D. says, “stress increases the amount of magnesium we lose from our body (n urine), leading to a dangerous deficiency.

So it makes sense that even though millions of Americans take a magnesium supplement everyday…

Research shows 80% of us are still deficient.

And this deficiency is a major reason why so many of us can’t sleep, can’t lose weight, have high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and just plain feel like crap all of the time.

The solution?

You need to use the right forms of magnesium that can reverse your deficiency and improve ALL areas of your health.

(And I can practically guarantee the kind you’re using right now isn’t the best kind, and your money is just going down the toilet. I’ll prove it to you right here).

Once you get the right form of magnesium (see them here) amazing things can happen…

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