How are mri, ct scan, pet, and x-rays are linked to human anatomy?

I am currently taking a human anatomy class and I need to find out how and mri, ct scan, pet, and x-rays are linked to human anatomy. Does anyone know of any websiates that can help me answer my question

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  • R. Gaspari

    I don’t know of websites off hand that specifically address your question, however, in studying human anatomy, each of the modalities that you’ve mentioned provided clinicians with a great deal of information about the human body- both anatomically and physiologically. All the techniques that you’ve listed involve the use of energy of various forms to create images of the human body that can be used to help diagnose and/or assess illness. Different techniques provide different information to physicians about what’s happening inside the body non-invasively.

    The key to all these modalities is that we have a superb understanding of human anatomy so that we can describe if we see something abnormal happening in a certain part of the body and be able to specifically talk about where in the body it’s happening. We must have great precision for both clarity in communication and to help us establish reasonable differential diagnoses.

    All human imaging is based on human anatomy and often understanding human anatomy in cross-section.

    If you did a search for, say, CT Abdomen, or perhpas in wikipedia, you may encounter what is seen on a CT image of the abdomen. Cross sectional anatomy is very important and if you look at a good Atlas of Humant AAnatomy by F. Netter, MD, you’ll find that he includes a lot of images of the body in cross section. It’s critical to understand human anatomy in cross section in order to understand how what’s happening when something goes wrong.

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