How can I get good at drawing?

I want to get good at drawing, but I don’t know where to start. I have the human anatomy of Bames; a few art albums (Van Gog, Hoku Sai; Goya and an album of Bulgarian artist) I also have a lot of printing paper; watercolors, pastels and HB pencils. I have a park near the house, but don’t have a human model. Any ideas?

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  • Samuel

    Become an observer. Really look at objects, people, nature. Notice the way light affects what your looking at. This comes in time. *The best advice I can give you sounds less than creative.
    1. Draw, doodle, sketch whatever you like, forget about inspiration. Draw shapes. Circles, squares, triangles, cubes.
    2. Become a *Copyist. Copy from works of Art you like, copy from photos, etc. Copy, don’t trace.
    Every artist wants to be original, however, before you become a Master, as an apprentice you learn to copy the Master’s style.
    3. Models are everywhere. An anatomy book is a great resource. Wildlife, Nature books or whatever you enjoy observing.
    4. Make mistakes. Lots of them. Call it learning. Experiment, be spontaneous, play.
    5. Have fun. If it’s fun, you’ll keep on doing it.

  • Amanda

    Practice. Start by finding a piece of art u like and try copying it the best u can… The more art u look at the more u will be inspired

  • elizabeth

    practice, practice, practice! Like they say practice makes it perfect. And you should practice drawing scenery, even bottles, a simple flower, from magazines, and pictures lying around the house, or even whatever is on your imagination, there are no limits to art, it all just depends on you…

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