How can I prepare and study as much as possible now for a career in the medical feild?

I want to start reading and doing whatever else i can to learn everything about human anatomy now before i enter medical school which is over 3 yrs away. How to I find college books and materials to read? i need to find out what materials theyre studying so i can start reading them now

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  • Laroche

    Work on your writing. Then, start reading and ace all the prerequisite classes for Medical School.

  • Richard

    Look at your college catalog, and see their recommended "pre-med" curriculum. This will help you know what courses you will need to take.

    Typically, pre-med students will need to take a lot of courses in chemistry (especially organic), biology, physiology, anatomy, mathematics through calculus, introductory physics, and possibly psychology.

    Any college bookstore will have a list of textbooks that students will use in their courses.

  • Joseph Evans

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