How difficult are college level human anatomy classes?

I have just enrolled for a human anatomy class (I need it as a nursing pre req) and I’m really nervous about it. Some people say its really difficult and others say its really easy. Any opinions? I need to get it done anyways but I hope I do well.


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  • Betty

    It is definitely not a walk in the park. But that doesn’t mean it is "hard"… No, that’s a state of mind that resists anything that’s unfamiliar and seemingly complicated.

    The #1 rule of studying anatomy & physiology is that everything has a logical order and most things about the human body can be easily visualized (which means that you’ll do better by learning A&P visually than poring through tons of text).

    The memorization part is a must… I used diagrams, flowcharts, memory maps and quizzes to boost my score from B+ to A+

  • jessica

    Haaaardddd, a lot of memorizing, studying each system of the body it’s hard. I took college anatomy and physiology an it’s terrible. it takes hours and hours of studying

  • My wife got a perfect A+ in that class, and a A+ in Physiology as well.

    It’s not ‘hard’, but there is a lot of memorizing required. Obviously, as a nurse, it is pretty important that you understand how it all works and learn it, so that you can perform well as a nurse.

    I’d say Anatomy & Physiology are going to be your most time consuming classes (pretty important too), but don’t be scared!

    You will do just fine! Take your time with it, but just try not to fall behind. Time consuming classes aren’t difficult, and become easy, when you can manage your time well.

    I promise that if you set 30min-1hour, everyday, to just read and review the large number of terms you need to memorize, then this class will be one of your easiest handled A+’s. Creating time to review for it constantly will reduce the amount of stress you will have right before you study for the big exams.

    Memorizing & Reading.

  • curious

    Wow very good question… well right now I am taking an Anatomy class and I am almost done. the class is HARD but it will be harder if you do not put time to study. There is a lot of memorization involved as well as comprehending how each system works. Personally the first weeks ,I was scared because the class was very fast paced ( I had to memorize All muscles of the body, its origin, insertion , and action in two weeks, and I still had to study for my other classes!) . But if you really want to do well do not take two many units and have this class as your priority. 🙂

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