How do I ask one of my friends to pose nude for a painting?

I am applying to art schools and I need to show that I understand human anatomy and proportion. I have to do a series of nude paintings, and i need models for them. I have 2 girls who voulenteered to model (i’m a guy) but for my 3rd painting i need a guy. How do I explain that it has nothing to do with sexuality and that it’s just art?

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  • John H

    some local areas might have figure painting "classes" where you can pay to sit in. other than that, find a friend who is also an artist and that will understand the artist’s necessity for anatomy. tell him tht he can help with the design and set up so tht it will look cool. make him feel confortable. i always thought that it was harder to get a female to pose because there’s obvious sexual tension there. but man to man, as long as he’s confortable with his body and understands art, then u should be fine.

    so try to find a fellow artist.

  • Take out a classified ad in your local newspaper for artist models. Try not to use friends, unless they are trusted and understand your motives.

  • R Purushotham Rao

    by clearly explaining your need& getting into written agreement

  • Babeli

    If you have any other guy friends that are artists, you can start by asking them. It is a delicate process, finding a nude model. If it is not required to be completely nude, this may help put him at ease, to be a little covered up.

    If you can’t find people you know to do it, try your local art studios/galleries and even the art department of colleges. If your town has a decent art scene, there could be a place where they offer anatomy drawing sessions.

  • bettyboo

    i would have him in his lil undies like those tightie whites thingys guys can wear like the boxer breifs u know be like i need to have a male model for art school and i would really appreciate it if u could pose for me not nude but just in like ur bathing suit or like u know some sort of boxer shorts, if that doesnt work out uhh lookat urself nekked in the mirror or take photos and just use them as reference do a nude self portrait i dont know? i would!!! lol


    Just come out and ask. Let him know your not being gay, because that is what a lot of guys would think. Or just fine a male stripper and pay him to model for you.

  • Charles H

    Other than doing a self portrait. Tell your potential model that you will wear a blindfold. Or if he feels self conscious let him wear one. Or take the bull by the (—–)horns and just ask him.

  • CeCe M

    I agree with SONDRA, just tell the person you are an artist.Most people understand that artists must study the human body.

  • karuui

    if you can’t find anybody, do a self portrait.

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