How do I cite things that I already knew?

If I were to write a paper on something I know a lot about, but others don’t (like the history of the English language for example) and I didn’t cite any sources because I already knew it all, because I’d learned it over a long period of time from sources I can’t remember, would I get nailed for plagiarism? It would be kind of weird if I could, since I wouldn’t be expected to cite my science teacher for teaching me human anatomy.

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  • yahoo answerer

    if ur absolutely sure its true and ur absolutely sure u didnt get the info from somewhere other than ur head, u dont need to cite it. just to be sure tho, i would check the things u think are true and then cite it

  • SG 26

    just to protect yourself, google the things you assume to be facts, and find a source to cite.

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