How do I improve my learning skills?

I think I’ll qualify for DSS services, disabled student services, but I don’t want to be qualified for DSS services. I’m such a slow learner; my head is so stuffed and thick. It takes me FOREVER to learn words, understand, and locate markings in my Human Anatomy Biology class. I find that class hard and dull. My question is, how can I improve my learning skills? Do those pills for concentration work?

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  • Simpsfan

    Study, study, and study.. That’s how you can improve your learning skills. You could try ask for a professional/best note taker in class to give you summaries to help with your learning process from the class lecture or ask for teacher’s help with your process. That’s my suggestion.. You can always ask disability service for help. I know a friend who take advantage of disability service and assist their learning process. So far, he seems to do pretty well in college.

  • natts!!!!!!!!

    the best way to improve our learning skill is practising at regular interval of time. Make a habit to learn certain amount of ur syllabus in a fixed time. dont try to learn anything in a bulk keep a target…lets see 2 pages daily….dont work by lessons work by pages…it helps a lot…

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