How do students in Islamic countries study human anatomy?

Isn’t it haram to dissect Muslim bodies?

"Medical students dissecting human bodies
I’m currently a medical student. In Medical school we are required to disect and examine human cadavers (dead bodies). This is a very important part of the study of medicine and cannot be avoided. Is taking part in such practices for the purpose of being a doctor Haram?

Praise be to Allaah.
If the cadaver is that of a dead kaafir, then it is OK. But if it is the body of a Muslim, then it is not permitted, because that involves disrespect, as well as uncovering the ‘awrah. It was reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The sanctity of the dead is like the sanctity of the living, and breaking the bone of a dead believer is like breaking it when he is alive.”"

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  • Oops !

    I actually know a lecturer in Anatomy and forensics very well and asked her , apparently there is a fatwa that allows dissection for educational purposes.

    All Cadaver are treated with the greatest respect at all times


    Now, to the question of using the bodily organs of a dead person for research purposes. The Fatwa of Sheikh `Ikrimah Sabri, the Mufti of Al-Quds & the Khatib of Al-Aqsa Mosque, states:

    Islam shows unprecedented care for the needs of man and the necessities of life. It makes it permissible to reveal the private parts of a male or a female in case of necessity. All this stems from the juristic rules: “Necessity dictates exceptions.” This rule is also governed by another rule that reads: “Necessities are duly estimated."

    It is thus permissible to dissect the dead body of a person with the very aim of discovering diseases or finding out a treatment or knowing the functions of bodily organs and the component of human body. It is also permissible to resort to carry out this process for the purpose of knowing the reason that caused the death of a person, and this will be useful for homicidal investigation. Using the bodily parts of a dead person is also permissible for the students of medicine who do so as a way of training. However, this is to be carried out in a place specialized for that purpose and not open for everybody.

    By and large, dissecting human dead bodies for medical research is permissible so long as the Islamic morals of preserving the body and confining the process to such medical purposes are maintained.

    @ Angel,, Muslim Cadavers are discected

  • palekna

    Pictures & DVDs ?

  • Fungi

    Pokemon is Haram

  • Yurii

    LOL, wow. Well usually we dissect cadavers where we don’t know where they even came from, so how would we know what religion it followed?
    I’m Muslim btw, and I never thought of things like this, LOL.

  • Rid'ah

    You’ve already answered your questions as far as i can see.

    Its a good question, either way. I was thinking more along the lines of the private parts that medical students are exposed to, so anyone here, isnt that haraam?

  • Angel

    They do dissect cadavers, but they are not Muslim cadavers. They are people of other religions or no religion who have donated their body to science and in the pursuit of increasing man’s knowledge.

    Of course, it’s not haram, such knowledge is essential to becoming a competent doctor.

  • Denisedds

    If that is really how you think you have no business becoming a doctor and should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Alhumdulillaah!

    Good that you asked this.
    Well, I was a bit disturbed too but then of course if Muslim countries are doing this then there must be som eruling.

    From practical point of view, you can’t directly dissect a living human being. When you’ll go to the surgical theatres you’ll realize the importance. That dissection gives you confidence. Do the dissection yourself. Don’t be afraid like some ppl are. I mooost clearly remember the areas I dissected myself. Probably Cuz i went layer by layer and my mind was super-active.

    One good suggestion:
    Pray for the dead body. If you don’t know if it’s a Muslim’s or a non-Muslim’s you can modify your dua accordingly. Till my present day knowledge I guess you can’t pray for a Non-Muslim after death. Like Hazrat Ibraheem a.s was forbade to pray for his(a.s) father after his father had died.

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