How do W's look on a college transcript if I'm already accepted into graduate school?

I’ve been accepted into various graduate schools with funding for biomedical engineering. One of my top schools require I take organic chemistry and human anatomy/physiology so I am taking organic chemistry 1 right now. I’ve fallen behind due to graduate school recruitment all last week and for a series of upcoming weekends, also causing me to reschedule for a test I haven’t had time to study for which will be later today.

If I withdrew and took organic chem 1/2 as well as human anatomy 1/2 over the summer, will this look overly bad?

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  • If organic chemistry is a condition of your enrollment, then yes, it’s going to be a major problem if you take it off your schedule. Contact the schools to find out the exact ramifications, but I’d drop everything else before one of your required courses.

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