How do you get human anatomy right?

I’m pretty good at drawing but my anatomy is horrendous. Even though I have my strengths it sort of feels lifeless without people in the picture, so it really frustrates me that I’m having such a hard time. Any tips?

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  • Walks

    You need to take a figure drawing class. The human body is composed of muscles over a skeleton frame. If you don’t where the bones are, what the bones look like, what kinds of muscles are on top in what layer and shape, it can be difficult to draw from imagination or even a photograph which lacks detail in poor lighting.
    It’s a pain in the butt memorizing all the muscles and bones but that’s really the only way to draw correctly from imagination or even a photograph. Drawing from live models will also help you to pick up and retain such information.

    If you pick up this book and work out of it every day your skills will get better.
    Regardless of how well someone can draw (good or bad), it is obvious to the trained eye whether the artist has learned the human anatomy or not.

  • Daphne

    Try and get into a figure drawing course with an experienced teacher. Copy "Old Master’s" drawings, Michaelangelo, DaVinci etc. Practice everyday. Draw your own hand, foot, many times. Get good books on Anatomy from the library.

  • BeeezKneeez

    This is why artists draw from live models. The human form is the hardest to ‘get’ because it is so recognizable to humans. Get into a life drawing class and when it is over get into another one.

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