How good is Human Anatomy class in high school?


I am thinking about taking Human Anatomy class next year but I heard the teacher is very difficult and strict. I know that it is important to take the core sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) but where does human anatomy fit in? Will colleges be interested that I took this class instead of some random art class? For example AP Biology has a standard test nationwide to see how well you have met the course. But a class like anatomy can vary in difficulty among varying teachers and schools. Is it worth to risk my G.P.A by taking this class?

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  • isabella

    i say if you’re interested in human anatomy, take it. but if it’s not required and you’re not interested in it, and don’t think you’ll do well. don’t take it. none of that stuff matters when you get to college. you have to retake physics or chemistry or biology (or a combination depending on your major requirements) when you get to college anyway.

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