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  • without water cohesion blood transport wouldn’t happen. blood will basically stop moving. the theory basically states that each molecule pulls on the other.
    imagine particles in a straight holding hands and the leader particle is being ‘sucked’ by something, this causes the leader particle to pull the particle behind it which causes the third particle to pull the one behind it and so on… this causes the movement of the entire line (blood in this case).
    another example…. imagine people standing in a line holding waists (or anything as long as there some kind of connection) and i come and grab the person (first in line of course) and pull them to my direction, this results in the person pulling the person behind them and this person pulling the third person in line and so on….

    when it comes to the human body you can call it ‘blood cohesion’.
    water cohesion happens in plants when transpiration happens and called is called the ‘transpiration pull’… if my explanation was confusing you can google that and you will instantly see the link. just imagine the water in the plant to be the blood in the human

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