How to be less squeamish around genitals?

I’m aspiring to be an artist, but I can’t seem to get over that "eeew it’s a peenis" reaction to nudity. It’s sorta getting in the way of learning human anatomy. I am only a teen; is this just something that comes with age, or what? (I have a picture of the Vitruvian Man with his ding-dong censored with an epic face on my wall. It’s hilarious.) XD

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  • The penis and vagina are not going to go away, so either you grow up or you’ll never be able to draw a real model without laughing at his/her genitals.
    Start by using yourself as a model.
    You have genitals so it’s easier to adapt when you study your own body.
    Do some simple poses naked in front of a large mirror (don’t forget to lock the door).
    Google a few artists who have paintings with lots of nudity.
    Study them, and focus on more than just the genitalia.
    You can also do figure drawings from pictures on
    Some are clothed, others are naked.

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