How to become a teacher in high school or premedical school ?

I have done my bachelors degree in physical therapy & Masters in medical Human Anatomy. I have experience in teaching Human anatomy for the physical therapy, occupational therapy, Nursing students. I am here in US for about an year on F2 Visa. I would like to know the procedure to become an Anatomy teacher. I am also interested in working in anatomy & cell biology labs. I would be very happy & very much thankful if anyone could help me find out a way to get into a career. Thankyou.

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  • pathfinder

    Send a resume to your local medicals schools. The medical schools may, or may not require you to take some education courses at the undergraduate level to prepare you to teach others. If you teach at the high school level, I believe that education courses are prerequsite before you can be certified by the state board of education. Good luck.

  • vanamont7

    Depends if you’re good with your hands, can you handle a semi auto or disarm someone.

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