How to Study and Learn Human Anatomy?

I really want to learn about human anatomy, because the human anatomy is very interesting to learn.
Thank you.

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  • Do you have to learn human anatomy for a healthcare career or some other reason?
    Read on to find out how to learn human anatomy and what your options are for this.

    1. You can learn human anatomy on the internet – there are numerous websites available that allow you to study diagrams of anatomy, take human anatomy quizzes, and print out diagrams so you can test yourself by filling in the answers.

    2. Buy or take out a book on human anatomy to study from. You can find these in bookstores or online at stores such as barnes and noble or amazon or go to the library.

  • Quim Khum Thwat

    OK…first you need a stiff..a fresh one, not some rotting hulk, with a god awful stench…then you need a clean place to lay it out and gut it…corpses can be juicy and gassy, so you better wear a smock and some eye protection., any old college text will do in labelling the stuff you yank out the cadaver…and you’re all set!!!

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