I got to dissect a "fetal pig", why can't I dissect a "fetal human" they are both just clumps of cells?

You can buy a fetal fig online for educational aid, why can’t you buy a fetal human after all it is considered medical waste? Why not make good use of it?

I am really pissed that society isn’t allowing me to study the human anatomy without limitations. Still they subject me to use a pig, when I can use a fetal human.
Why in medical school. Shouldn’t all students regardless of their educational goal have a chance at it?
Honestly it wouldn’t gross me out. Not much does. I don’t see why someone has to wait until medical school. They dissect fetal pigs in high school. Why not do a fetal human, it will give students a leg up on the human anatomy long before they consider medical school.
Why are they rare and expensive, that doesn’t make any sense.

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  • Captain Bunkum

    Human specimens for dissection are rare and expensive and therefore reserved for medical students and medical research scientists.

    Fetal pigs are much more readily available and have the same general anatomical features and physiology as humans and are therefore used as an inexpensive alternative.

    Of course they’re rare and expensive – relatively few human fetuses are aborted (in a sufficiently intact state to be worth dissection) and relatively few of those are donated to medical science (as the mother’s permission is required). Humans tend to produce fetuses one at a time while pigs have litters of 8 to ten and no parental permission is required to dissect them.

  • Schzelle

    go to medical school, then you’ll be able to dissect people.

  • 1.) Go to med school.
    2.) Cut open cadavers to your heart’s content.

    Why in med school?: Human bodies available for dissection are in short supply. Generally they are given to where they are most needed. If you want, do what I did: have a doctor friend take you along for some slicing and dicing.

  • What’s a fetal fig? A seed?

  • daken

    because we need the human fetus to get a supply of stem cells, I think curing horrid diseases is more important than your study of highschool anatomy

  • xaxorm

    You CAN buy one, but they are much more expensive than pig fetuses. People value human fetuses more…because pigs are harvested for meat by the thousands for one thing. They also have multiples per litter.

    There is also a market for other human organs, and they too are much more expensive than other animal organs. Because demand is higher compared to supply.

  • eric k: freezer burned atheist

    Cosmetic companies buy them all.

    They use them to test their new products for allergic reactions.

    You can buy one, but they’re expensive and you have to be registered with the government.

  • Road Horse™ (Not To Be Cloned)

    "fetal pig" sounds like some sex position…

  • The Tao of Atheism.

    You can in med school.


    You’re not allowed to dissect a human until med school.

  • Skeptic

    An emotional plug does not give your anti-abortion stance any more credence.

  • ƒ ª Š © ¡ ñ ª † ³

    Unfortunately your analogy is defeated by the people who agree with you.
    But yeah, if you’re interested in human anatomy, you should be doing it properly – that is, going through medical school.

  • vic91106

    Go to the right medical school, get to the right level and you may get that chance.

    Fetal pigs are a lot easier (and cheaper) to come by.

  • You can study human anatomy later in your schooling by dissecting humans.

    A fetal pig is different than a fetal human – same way we don’t allow pigs to drive or have credit cards. Pigs are different than humans.


    Because of Christians impeding science.

  • Dazed and confused

    have you considered a horse or a sheep or how about a cat

  • Jenny

    You can if you study medicine at university. Study hard to get there.

  • kinetochore

    Generally, fetal humans are not available to the public.

  • Sinners Anonymous member!

    Vomits. Dissecting a fetal human and yes because a chain of DNA is there makes it a human is immoral.

  • lavalamp3773

    I’m honestly not sure if you’re a troll or just enlightened, but I have to say that I agree completely with what you’ve said.

    Dissection of human cadavers also used to be illegal, however that is no longer the case. Perhaps in due time.

  • Sarah N

    Because that could be someones fetus they care for. Where do you draw the line? If someone has a still born they are not likely to just hand it over to science. I know some ppl may readily donate to science but there has to be some ethics. You don’t need baby fetuses on line easy to buy, things could go terribly wrong.

  • You are a pervert of the worst kind.

    You are whats wrong with America. No respect for human life. Selfish to the bitter end, no matter the cost. Stupid women, have a little self control and there wouldn’t be so many UNBORN BABIES, for your "disections".

    To all the people who are going to "thumbs down" this remark, I hope someone goes back in time and kills you while in the womb!

  • David M

    Go to med school and you will. Fewer humans give their bodies to science, and there are more important things to do with those who do than educate high schoolers.

  • They are much more expensive, and "society" would rather people who are actually going to make some use of that knowledge (ie: doctors) than someone with no intent of studying humans cut up a fetus.

  • science chick

    The fetal pigs are leftovers from butchering pregnant female pigs. That’s what my HAP professor told my class.

    Aborted fetus usually do not look like much, it generally happens much earlier in the pregnancy than with the fetal pigs.

    And there are bodies donated to science, but they go to medical schools.

  • She said

    Because we are human beings not animals. Fetal babies are not just clumps of cells they are someones child. You have no right to tell anyone who has had a miscarriage however early "What you upset about? Its just a clump of cells".
    I don’t care a rats a*s what you are pissed at a human being deserved dignity and respect however long the existed and I don’t give a monkeys where YOU think existence begins or ends, its not YOUR call to ordered babies miscarried or aborted from the internet. One aborted babies have already had the indignity of being rejected and murdered, Two miscarried babies are longed for, loved and grieved over, they are not your play things to go slicing and dicing, got it?
    I don’t suppose you do but oh well just your tuff luck then…..

  • Michael N

    I smell bacon burning.

  • Half God Half Ape

    They’re incredibly expensive. Fetal pigs are common, and you get a batch of them whenever you slaughter a pregnant sow. High schools can’t afford to buy human fetuses for their students.

  • desireenyankees2

    how would you feel if it was your child that died at birth and medical students diced up your child for learning purposes that is what computers are for…….I’m a nursing student and we used a cat it’s practically the same thing anyway…stop trying to piss people off with your questions

  • crystal

    take some a & p classes and you will get to work with some cadavers. if you want more than that then you will have to go to medical school. in theory, you are right… but a person has to donate their body before they can be worked on like that. it’s not like a slaughter house where they bottle up all the baby pigs for your enjoyment. and it’s really not that great!!! after my first day dissecting the human knee i went and had lunch. do you know that a the meat of a knee looks just like cold turkey or chicken? i barfed all over the place and was a vegetarian for 2 years after that.

  • Shannon.

    thats just eww.

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